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Contact and Support

If you have any technical issue with flee, please write to support[at]frugalgames.com detailing your problem.

For information inquiries, comments and suggestions, better use contact[at]frugalgames.com

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  • What's the purpose of the game? I'm confused

    Worry not! Learning to play Flee is extremely easy. Press the 'Menu' button of your phone to bring up the game menu. From there, you can read Flee's fantastic manual.

  • Which version of Android is needed to play Flee?

    Flee requires Android 1.6 (Donut) or later.

  • Which are the hardware requirements?

    Besides having at least Android 1.6, Flee only works with screen resolutions equal or higher than 480x320.

  • How do I configure the controls?

    Anytime, you can use the on-screen buttons, or the D-pad/trackball if your phone has one. There's no need to configure anything!

  • Is Flee an adaptation of an existing LCD game?

    Flee is 100% original! We created it from scratch - and it was a really fun challenge to work with LCD-handheld constraints.